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Crescendo! Opus 6 -Join us!!       

Crescendo! Opus6 Tickets
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Crescendo! Opus 6 is  May 18, 2023!

Please join us for our annual fundraiser at the beautiful San Marino Club

1685 E Big Beaver    Troy,MI


Ticket requests via online,email, phone



Purchase your tickets by clicking on the DONATE button and enter your total amount.

[Purchasing a ticket includes a donation to Music Shapes to help shape a child's future through the discovery of music through art and science! 

Ticket donation: $25

We thank you!]

Please join us for a night of fun and help shape the future of a child! 

Our mission is to bring music programs infused with a little science to kids with the hope of inspiring them to love making music!  Kids discover the science of sound, how instruments are made and why they make sound in addition to traditional music education.

What does it take to be successful in learning music?: critical thinking, creativity, discipline, collaboration to name a few. These same traits are necessary in all professions!  We believe music provides a strong foundation for life long skills! 

 We take our programs on the road and serve other youth based non profits.

We are all volunteers! no salaries! 

Your donation from this event will support Music Shapes programs.


Thank you for supporting the value of music education ! You are helping to shape hearts and minds and the future of a child! Music is Art!  Music is Science!

A Big Thank You to our sponsors:

James Guisinger
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