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Musical   Instruments

Our program ROUND PEG provides the opportunity for students to obtain a used or new, donated instrument!  

Music Shapes does not have the ability to receive and store donated instruments. However, we want to be able to get instruments in the hands of those children who have the curiosity and desire to learn music! Our answer is our matching program, Round Peg!

Music Shapes will maintain a list of donors who have instruments to donate. Once a receiver is available then the instrument donation can be matched with the student. Music Shapes may also be in need of instruments for our programs!

We appreciate that donors often need to have their instrument donated in a short amount of time; therefore we recognize that there may be a need for a donor to pull their instrument from our list. 

Instruments must be in good condition and playable. 

Talk with us regarding how the instrument will be transferred from donor to receiver.

We offer this valuable matching program at a small fee paid by the recieiver.

Thank You!

  You can help shape the hearts and minds of children.

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