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Music Shapes Programs

Classes: Science of Sound

This interactive, fun class is intended for students 1st grade through 5th grade.  The class is conducted at your location.  It is designed to be 60 minutes in length.  Students learn about music, instrument families, how instruments work. When available, we invite youth performers to play for the class!   Maximum number of students is 24. We offer this program at no fee for  non profit youth groups, libraries, schools. 

Music Lessons

Introductory  lessons offered for a series of 1-3 weeks held at customer's location; individual or groups; not private homes. Lessons in  harmonica, piano, violin,  based on instructor availability. Lessons designed to provide the student and parents with the opportunity to learn if the student is ready for the responsibility of music lessons.  We ask that students are a minimum of 6 yrs old. 

Round Peg: Instrument Donation Matching Program

This program puts the right instrument in the hands of the right child!  

Please contact us and let us know if you have an instrument to donate or if you need one.  Instruments must be playable. Please do not ship instruments unless confirmed with our staff. Instrument list will be maintained and matched with requests. Donations and requests are not guaranteed until confirmed by our staff. We offer this matching program for a small fee paid by the receiver.

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