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Music is Art!  Music is Science!

Music shapes



Music shapes

Music inspires! It strengthens the mind and soul. Learning to master a musical instrument is known to help develop the brain. Music creates emotion and curiosity.  Music Shapes is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.  Our mission is to inspire underprivileged children and communities to get involved with music in one shape or another! Music appreciation is different for each of us and music can have a place in everyone's life.  Music is Art! Music is Science! Whatever your passion, music can be involved!  And the most important part? Music is fun!  Invite Music Shapes to visit your group. We look for opportunities to provide music access to students. We also design our programs  to explore music as both art and science. 




    ...shaping  hearts  and  minds

 Classes & Workshops

Interactive, informative, fun presentation exploring music as art and as science.

Science of Sound

Music Lessons

Introductory music lessons at customer's location. Reduced rate for a period of 1-3 weeks. Designed to give the child exposure to music making and to lesson atmosphere. 

Round Peg

Do you have instruments to donate? Do you need an instrument? This service matches donors and receivers to get  the right instrument into the hands of those in need.

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